Students Making a Difference!

Imagine a park with 200 flowering trees that connects, inspires, and appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.  

The concept of planting 200 trees in honor of Tallahassee’s 200th anniversary was first put together by middle school student Caroline Couch in spring 2021 during study hall. By contacting Principals and Headmasters she formed a volunteer committee consisting of students from public and private middle schools. The committee held its first meeting Earth Day 2021. They united and established a plan for implementation. They worked with the community to identify the best place to plant 200 flowering trees, with Broadmoor Pond being identified as the location. 

Their project goal was to create a welcoming, iconic photogenic spot in Tallahassee with 200 beautiful, flowering trees in partnership with Leon County Government and the City of Tallahassee.

Thanks to the hundreds of residents that supported the vision of the TLH 200 Trees committee there are now 200 flowering Japanese Magnolia trees planted at Broadmoor Pond Park.

Hundreds of volunteers joined the committee and their families the morning of January 22. They were able to plant not only all 200 flowering Japanese Magnolias, but 50 native trees within an hour at Broadmoor Pond Park (4723 Jackson Bluff Rd).

We’d also like to thank the 67 donors who donated toward our fundraising goal, and our 100 friends that purchased the TLH 200 hats designed for the project. Thank you for helping raise more than $6,500 for the Japanese Magnolia trees.

The successful community planting event was possible with the partnership of Leon County Government and City of Tallahassee. They allowed us to plant the trees during the 2022 Arbor Day community event.

Visit by Broadmoor Pond Park between January and late February to enjoy the beautiful blooms on the 200 trees and reflect on Tallahassee’s upcoming 200th anniversary.

TLH 200 Trees Committee Members Include:
  • Chair Caroline Couch (Maclay)
  • Téa Argamonte (Maclay)
  • Ayla Batchelder (SAS)
  • Tommy Dailey (Raa)
  • Ella Dorn (North Florida Christian)
  • Pilar Dunlap (Holy Comforter)
  • Ella Rose Fleck (Florida High)
  • Renee Jamwal (Swift Creek)
  • Toby King (Montford)
  • Samantha Monmany (Trinity)
  • Luke Mullin (Holy Comforter)
  • Cerys O’Callaghan (Florida High)
  • Mary Grace Parker (Trinity)
  • Zion Reed-Daniels (Swift Creek)
  • Erin Riley (Montford)
  • Vaahini Reddy (Fairview)
  • Xavier Uchino (Cobb)
  • Sutton White (Montford)
  • Pearce Witters (Maclay)
  • Nevaeh Wyche (Deerlake)

Thank you to the community partners that supported the planting of 200 flowering trees to honor Tallahassee’s 200th anniversary.

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